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5 top Reasons to use a Photo Booth your next Gold Coast Party, Event or Wedding.

1. They are fun!

Photo Booth Brisbane - Your event is already gonna be a success. Having a photo booth escalates the enjoyment with a completely new level! For some reason (there is probably a scientific explanation, however don’t know very well what it's) people let loose once they stand before the digital camera. In other words, usually do not rent a photograph booth if you would like everyone waiting for using their arms folded and blank expressions on their faces during your party.

2. Remember the event

Throughout your event every group of guests has the capacity to jump in front with the camera and capture as soon as. When the night is performed you should have prints and black event keepsake album to forever remember how much of a success your event was and how enjoyable all your guests had!

3. Make everyone jealous who wasn’t there

Photo Booth Gold Coast - You need to have a visually stunning record of your party and so the following day on facebook everyone who failed to RSVP (or might not have been blessed to get a party invitation) will discover how much fun you had and they missed out on! Ask us today about our, ‘Social Connect Feature.’

4. Great gift for your guests

Many couples don't have as much professional portraits of themselves because they would like (I am aware this firsthand because my significant other is definitely bugging me for additional pictures folks together). With a photo booth at your event you allow your entire guests to have their own mini-portrait session. You continue a copy of each and every print & your guest get yourself a copy too.. Wow isn’t that perfect!

5. They be a destination

Photo Booth Gold Coast - When you have never gone to a celebration having a photo booth you would be surprised how fast a bag or props and a themed background turns into a destination and event within itself! Furthermore the photo booth capture mo